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Effects of Greek Pomegranate Extracts in the Antioxidant Properties and Storage Stability of Kefir

[ Vol. 15 , Issue. 4 ]


Vasiliki Lagouri*, Georgia Dimitreli and Aikatarini Kouvatsi   Pages 437 - 441 ( 5 )


Background: Oxidation reactions are known to shorten the shelf life and cause damage to foods rich in fat, such as dairy products. One way to limit oxidation and increase the shelf life of fermented dairy products is to use natural antioxidants. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of adding pomegranate extracts in the antioxidant properties, rheological characteristics and the storage stability of the fermented product of kefir.

Methods: The Pomegranate Juice (PGJ) and Peel Extracts (PGPE) (5%, 10% w/v) were added to kefir and the antioxidant properties were evaluated by using the methods of radical scavenging activity (DPPH) and Ferric Reducing Antioxidant Power Activity (FRAP). Spectrophotometric and instrumental methods were used to determine the Total Phenols (TPs), pH values, viscosity and flow behavioral index values of enriched with pomegranate kefir samples. The same properties were tested when kefir samples stored at 4°C for 7, 14, 21 and 28 days.

Results: The addition of PGJ and PGPE results in an increase in the antioxidant activity (DPPH, FRAP) and total phenol content (TPs) of kefir samples. Increasing the concentration of the added PGJ and PGPE, results in an increase in the TP content and the DPPH activity of kefir. As far as the storage time is concerned, the results showed an increase in the amount of TP at 7th day and a reduction in the DPPH activity in the 14th day of storage. In contrary to the DPPH method, the increase in storage time has resulted in a reduction in antioxidant activity by the FRAP method. The addition of PGJ and PGPE in kefir results in a decrease in pH values while the pH of kefir samples increased during storage at 4°C for 28 days. The addition of PGJ and PGPE to kefir samples results to a decrease in viscosity and an increase in the flow behavior index. Increasing storage time results in increased flow behavior index of kefir samples.

Conclusion: The addition of PGJ and PGPE increased the antioxidant activity and total phenols of the kefir product and preserved its properties during the total storage time of 28 days at 4°C.


Pomegranate, kefir, dairy products, phenols, storage, rheological properties, antioxidant activity.


Department of Pharmacognosy and Chemistry of Natural Products, Faculty of Pharmacy, School of Health Sciences, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Panepistimioupolis Zografou 15771, Athens, Department of Food Technology, Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, GR 57400, Thessaloniki, Department of Food Technology, Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki, GR 57400, Thessaloniki

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